Adham: My Experience At LFC

Mar 6, 2013 by

Three months ago I was looking for a place where to live with my partner, and suddenly my partner found this place — the Little Flower Community.

I wasn’t so much comfortable in the place that I used to live at before 3 months, but when I moved in the LFC, my life had a different taste. I’m not only sharing a house with people, but I share my life with people, I share what goes on with me at school, at work, even when I travel while I’m not there in the LFC.

We share cooking, eating and cleaning; I have an environment when I can talk to someone anytime. The idea of sharing all of that makes my life happier and more comfortable.

I might live in the fanciest place ever, because that’s available on the market, but I will never find such things on the market as where I live now. I don’t think I will find such an awesome people in the market, that’s what I really love here, the idea of being with people by my choice, people who always welcome me and welcome any other people who are not from our community. We don’t call anybody a stranger here. Once anyone joins, then they’re part of the family.

I think it’s really worth it to live here and to dedicate my time to this community. This is a space for all of your positive ideas, thoughts, activities and dreams about making the world a better place.

Little Flower Community is a place where people share life together! It’s where people are always welcome, no matter where you come from or how bad your “credit history” is (just kidding).

People from LFC share their life together. How? The idea behind LFC is to provide the opportunity to the members to contribute in a collaborative life, through social events, educational programs, volunteering activities, skill shares, work parties and help others and much more.

Social events: LFC organizes so many different social events, such as Potlucks, Parties and outdoor activities. Members like to go to outdoor events together to have more fun, share stories and have an interesting conversation.

What about food? Members like to share meals, so all have lunch or dinner together frequently during the week.

Educational programs: LFC provides kids in the neighborhood the opportunity to have summer activities and a space where kids can play when they are not in school.

Volunteering activities: part of the work party we do every month is picking up trash from the neighborhood and make it looks nicer.

My experience at LFC? Sharing all of that makes my life happier.

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