Living @ LFC

Hey there, friend!  Thanks for your interest in joining the LFC!

We offer two different types of housing:

  • Friend of the Flower – This option is for those who are interested in community living, but don’t have time for or want the commitment of making a regular contribution.  It’s also for those who are awaiting an opening in one of our member houses.  There is a strong preference for those who are community-oriented.  These are 2-bedroom apartments ranging from $500-$600/month plus utilities.
  • General Membership  –  This option is for those with a genuine interest in community building who want to make regular contributions to the LFC, to the Beechwood neighborhood, and to Rochester as a whole.  If civic engagement, community organizing, maker culture, social and environmental justice, urban agriculture, etc. are an integral part of your life (or you want them to be), this option is for you!