Recent House Rehab!

Nov 24, 2017 by

Tour Some Highlights from our Recent House Rehab on Parsells on our Facebook page: Click...

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Garden Planning

Feb 3, 2014 by

This afternoon, a number of Little Flower folks gathered together to discuss expansions and other plans for gardening this year.  We’ve had a empty lot that we’ve used to grow all sorts of bounties and the best herb spiral east of the Genesee, but, as we’ve grown in members and houses, we’re looking to expand our potential for cultivating the bounty of nature.  Some of the ideas we discussed include growing and eating more perennials, since they require so much less work to be able to enjoy them year-after-year, transforming the useless grass in our front yards into productive gardening space, and grafting to create hybrid fruit, berry, and nut trees. While gardening is just a hobby for many folks, here at the Little Flower Community, gardening and food, more broadly, are an important...

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The Bay Way!

Dec 12, 2013 by

The Little Flower isn’t the only co-operative in the vanguard.  Check out the new article on intentional communities in the Bay Area that just appeared in the New York Times fashion section: “The Embassy is one of many “intentional communities,” a tech-savvy, not particularly politicized version of communes, which are being flocked to by 20- and 30-somethings in the Bay Area, where shared living became popular in the 1960s. By the count of Ms. Schingler, who is starting an urban real estate development company focused on collaborative living, there are about 50 spaces similar to the Embassy officially operating in and around San Francisco. “While each has its own quirks, they all aspire to foster creativity, fuel entrepreneurial endeavors and collaboration and make life generally more exciting.” See the whole story at the New...

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So You Want To Start A Co-Op

Mar 31, 2013 by

Can’t visit the Little Flower? (Aww…) Why not start one of your own? Cooperatives UK helps show you how online on their terrific web site.  Included are  case studies, downloadable resources and downloadable PDFs. There’s a few differences between starting a co-op in Britain and in the UK, but the same overall principles hold true. If you’ve ever thought of starting a housing co-op or business co-op of your own, it’s a great place to...

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Adham: My Experience At LFC

Mar 6, 2013 by

Three months ago I was looking for a place where to live with my partner, and suddenly my partner found this place — the Little Flower Community. I wasn’t so much comfortable in the place that I used to live at before 3 months, but when I moved in the LFC, my life had a different taste. I’m not only sharing a house with people, but I share my life with people, I share what goes on with me at school, at work, even when I travel while I’m not there in the LFC. We share cooking, eating and cleaning; I have an environment when I can talk to someone anytime. The idea of sharing all of that makes my life happier and more comfortable. I might live in the fanciest place ever, because...

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