Double Holiday Potlucks!

Dec 21, 2014 by

Double Holiday Potlucks!

Join us on Tuesday, December 23rd at 7PM for our “A Festivus for the Rest of Us” Potluck at 499 Parsells!

What, didn’t we have one on the second Tuesday already? So what! Two evening potlucks in one month is our present to all of you from all of us at the LFC. So bring a vegan-friendly dish to pass, along with witty conversation, personal charm, and general coolness.

Food should be low-fuss and related to this month’s theme — Seinfeld! (Or at least the ’90s, if possible.) Absolutely NO holiday-themed food or clothing, please. We gather to proclaim the non-commercial miracle of Festivus for the rest of us.

And remember: bring your kids, bring your wife, and bring your husband, bring your A.L.F. (remember Alf?), cuz everybody likes to eat.

P.S. – What? You say two potlucks isn’t enough? Fine, fine. Let’s make it three! December 24th at 6 PM, whether you’re burning the midnight oil, waiting on the jolly gent, or getting the Ujima flowing, it’s guaranteed to be an evening of food, friends, and general merriment if you stop by the Little Flower at 499 Parsells! Perchance, Jesse “The Gray” Ghost of Christmas past, present, and future will even make an appearance!

You never know which Little Flowers you haven’t seen in a while will be there (unless you look on the Facebook event page and check out the RSVPs and then you’ll totally know which Little Flowers are traveling far and wide to be there this particular evening), and if you do or don’t, who cares? The Little Flower wants to see you there!

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