Does the foodshare at Little Flower include everything I want/need/desire/yearn for?

The foodshare at Little Flower emphasizes local and organic foods and is meant to cover a baseline of vegan-friendly food staples for use in our house meals. It’s not intended to cover any and all foods (not even any and all vegan-friendly foods). Examples of staples would be things like flour, sugar, salt, faux milk and butter, rice, pasta, and other grains, tofu, spices, etc.  Basically, it’s meant to cover ingredients for preparing meals from scratch and really shies away from processed foods.  Additional items such as salsa, tortilla chips, tea, crackers, etc. are sometimes purchased  for special events and whatnots as the budget permits. We also grow much of our own fruit and veggies. You can read more about our foodshare here

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