What is The Little Flower Community?

The Little Flower Community was founded in April of 2010 and is located in the Beechwood neighborhood of Rochester, NY. Coming from all ages and walks of life, the LFC is a cooperative-style home(x6) occupied by a small group of socially-engaged people with a shared interest in community, social justice, sustainability, cooperative living, potlucks, and a passion for building community. Through the almighty power of cooperation, we lighten our individual workloads and allow more time for the important things in life. We offer a wide-range of housing options from 2-bedroom private apartments to 5-bedroom shared houses, for those who are just looking to dip their feet in community to those who want to take the full plunge.

Mission Statement:  At the Little Flower Community, our focus is on spreading the gospel of Community while continually working toward a more sustainable way of living. We strive to reduce our impact on the environment through conservation, repurposing, and the implementation of energy-saving technologies; we aim to support community-building through the organization of and participation in local community programs and initiatives as well as household/neighborhood improvement projects; and we strive to foster a sense of community within our collective and beyond while welcoming all others who are interested in working toward making our neighborhood, city, and world a socially just place to live.  

Contributing to this mission are the following values:

  • We provide a vegan-friendly foodshare which focuses on local and organic food sources and regular common meals. The bulk of our food comes from several area farmers, the Abundance Cooperative Market, Small World Foods, Peacework Organic CSA, and our very own “urban farmette”.
  • We invest in/implement energy efficient appliances/technologies/strategies
  • We engage with the broader community. We host a monthly veg’n-friendly potluck in addition to skill shares, language nights, small concerts, and other events
  • We regularly host CouchSurfers, HelpXers, and other travelers (Well-over 2,000 to date!)
  • We apply for grants to aid in community-building and home improvement projects
  • We share cooking, household chores, and other community tasks.
  • We support locally-owned businesses and worker collectives
  • We participate in organizations that work for social justice
  • We prioritize employment of other neighborhood residents when work is outsourced.
  • We are committed to the rehabilitation of the local housing stock using quality materials and workmanship

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