Garden Planning

Feb 3, 2014 by

Garden Planning

This afternoon, a number of Little Flower folks gathered together to discuss expansions and other plans for gardening this year.  We’ve had a empty lot that we’ve used to grow all sorts of bounties and the best herb spiral east of the Genesee, but, as we’ve grown in members and houses, we’re looking to expand our potential for cultivating the bounty of nature.  Some of the ideas we discussed include growing and eating more perennials, since they require so much less work to be able to enjoy them year-after-year, transforming the useless grass in our front yards into productive gardening space, and grafting to create hybrid fruit, berry, and nut trees.

While gardening is just a hobby for many folks, here at the Little Flower Community, gardening and food, more broadly, are an important part of who we are.  Growing as much of our own food, researching local crops, and caring for the garden are ways for us to keep connected with nature and to live as sustainably as possible.  In fact, we’re not just growing food, we’re also growing community.  When those brassicas and alpine strawberries go from seed to pot to dinner plate all within the course of 100 feet, they allow us to work together, appreciate our interconnectedness and interdependence, and truly build ourselves into a community.  As we grow in numbers and grow a greater volume of food, we also hope to grow our community, our appreciation for one another, and our hope that others may learn about these things, as well.

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