Helping @ LFC

What kind of stuff does LFC do?

Little Flower members organize events and are involved in longer term projects with the surrounding community. We’ve done…

Interested in being Involved?

LFC is about creating community and making Rochester a vibrant, eco-friendly place for everyone. There are plenty of ways that anyone can help. Here are just a few:

  • Share your skills – Check out our events, which are always open to the general public. Come as an attendee or jump right in and help us host an event relevant to your interests.
  • Share even more of your skills – Want to hang out and help LFC or purpose a long term project, but wonder where you can find friendly and tasty accommodation in Rochester? Consider HelpXing at LFC. HelpX is a volunteer work exchange program.
  • Barter with us – Hey, we trade, too!  We prefer to exchange goods/services/time rather than money as we find non-monetary exchanges to be much more rewarding (also, we’re poor). Help us clean out Joe’s van and get yourself a couch. Do a bit of gardening and go home with some fresh fruits and vegetables. Help us paint a room and enjoy all the home cooking and Genesee beer you can consume!
  • Seriously, let’s trade! – Have something you think we might be interested in?  Check out our Wish List below! Looking for something yourself?  Send us a message. We have a ton of jun….really great stuff lying around! Feel free to make a donation as well! =)
  • Donate – Overwhelmed and want a quick way to help? We will be accepting donations via PayPal soon.

Home Rehab

Did you know that your friends at The Little Flower Community are currently rehabbing and entire house?  The goal is to turn it into a space for LFC residents, large potlucks, skillshares, game nights, canning workshops,film screenings, and community gatherings of all sorts.  Here’s how you can help:

  • Skills – We’re looking for volunteers with knowledge of carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, HVAC, hanging drywall, roofing, architectural design, etc. etc.
  • Material – Pretty much anything house-related you can think of is what we’ll need.  It’s important to us that we restore the house’s former character, especially using reclaimed materials, so things like unpainted gumwood trim, solid wood doors, old door knobs and heating grates, and anything else of the sort would be super helpful!
  • Learning- Don’t be intimidated if you don’t have experience with this sort of thing.  Just having an extra pair of hands around is a huge help!  It’s also an opportunity for us to help others learn the skills needed for a project such as this, and that’s a big part of what this project is about.

Interested in helping out?  The schedule here is highly flexible.  Just send us a message letting us know when you’re available and we’ll do our best to make it happen!  We also host the occasional Home Rehab Work Party where we try to get as many folks together to work on this (and other) project(s) all at once.  Follow us on FB or join our mailing list to stay in the loop



Wood chipper

Drywall lift

Mig welder

Gas tanks – O2, Acetylene, CO2 or MAPP gas


(Donations preferred, but we’ll consider bartering too.)


Moulding – any size/style

6 mil plastic sheeting

1/2″ – 1″ diameter pvc conduit


Landscaping timbers

Untreated lumber (cedar or redwood)


Curb stone

Cinder blocks

Ceramic tiles (unbroken)



Unpainted wood-frame windows


(Donations preferred, but we’ll consider bartering too.)


Appliances (ideally working) 

Food-grade containers (5 gal or larger)

Glass Carboy


Writing Desk

Coat tree

Bathroom cabinet

Small, thin table


Thin magnets

French Utility Knife

Chinese Cleaver – larger than 8 inches, Dexter brand preferred

(Donations are great, but we’ll consider bartering too.)


55 gallon barrels

Screened soil


Compost tumbler


Stirrup hoe

Shovels (large and small)

Fresh-cut logs

Worm bins

Soaker hose

(Donations are great, but we’ll consider bartering too.)