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Join The Play

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Join The Play

For six days during the last two weeks off August ’17,  the Beechwood community hosted our very own #PlayStreets Play Event!

We call it the The Play ROCs your Neighborhood Movement.

More photos on our FB page.

Can I Intern?

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Can I Intern?

Yes you can!

The Little Flower has been developing an Internship program for those of you who are interested.

Please visit our Internship Page to learn more.

LFC Birthday Bash of a Yeartime!

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LFC Birthday Bash of a Yeartime!

Come one, come all friends of the Little Flower! Baby is six: the Little Flower’s sixth anniversary is coming soon, and you’re invited!

Bike Repair Skill Share Sunday!

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Bike Repair Skill Share Sunday!

Want to learn how to fix your bike – for free?!

Come to the back of 458 Parsells Avenue this Sunday, June 28th, noon-4PM, and let our friendly local bike-fixer-uppers show you how.

Fix your gears! Patch your flat tire! Change your brakes! Put your chain back on! Come to 458 Parsels this Sunday and get your show back on the road!

Building The Future

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Building The Future

And when we say building, we mean building! The Little Flower Community has a new house, and members are pitching in to transform this abandoned property from neighborhood eyesore to neighborhood asset. Check out these photos!