Last Supper Vegetarian Potluck

Apr 4, 2011 by

Last Supper Vegetarian Potluck

Partially in honor of Easter being this month, but largely because we couldn’t think of a better theme so we stole this one from Brooklyn CouchSurfing, it’s our “last supper” potluck.

What would you eat if it would be your last meal on earth? Oh yeah, and all the world’s meat had already been raptured, so you had to make something vegetarian or vegan.

Does this mean you’re limited to making something from scratch? Not at all, remember for your last meal you also want to make sure to incorporate your favorite drink/snack. Let’s say, like myself, I could always make a dinner out of salsa & chips, that’s also a viable option to bring. The point is to think about the food that we never tire of & want to share with others 🙂

Come to the back door anytime after 7. Eating begins at 7:30!

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