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*******We have a room opening up in a 4-bedroom community house beginning May 1st.**********

At the LFC, we seek members with an interest in social justice, sustainability, and maker culture (though not necessarily all three), and, above all, a desire to live in and contribute to a community.

If you’re into things like making hummus, organizing trash walks, tending to our Little Free Library, gardening, cooking community meals, getting involved in your neighborhood association, helping out with various projects, going to rallies/protests, organizing and attending community events, contributing to the upkeep of your livingspace, activism, teaching, fostering a family-friendly environment, coming to community meals, game nights, and other gatherings, bikes(!), making art, getting to know your neighbors, food preservation, building things, equal rights and equity for all, permaculture, working less and living more, historic preservation, making music, potlucks(!), etc., etc., you’re gonna fit right in here!  If you’re not into those things but, for some crazy reason, end up moving in here anyway, you’ll probably be asked to move-out eventually (perhaps to a FoF house if there’s an opening) to make space for someone who is. No hard feelings! =)

The “gold star” for prospective members is to come by on 3 or more occasions (e.g. for a potluck; a dinner; a tour; an outing; etc.) in addition to filling out the application.  That way you can get to know us and we can get to know you!  Once you’re in, there’s a 3-month trial period which includes an orientation and regular check-ins with one of the core community members.

Still think you can flower, eh?  Well, you’ve already been to our website and probably memorized all the Qs and As on our FAQ page (great job!).  Next you’ll want to try something crazy like coming to our potluck, sending us an e-mail, and/or filling out our application!


Tell us your name, potential new friend!*

Your email?*

Your cellphone number?

Your current/permanent address?

Your Facebook/Couchsurfing/Other Social Networking profile/Website?

When would you ideally like to move in?*

What is your anticipated length of stay?*

How long would you like us to keep your application on file?
3 months6 months1 year

Have you read the FAQ on our website? *

Tell us a bit about yourself.*
e.g. passions; hobbies; life purpose; occupation; what you do and why you do it. Don't read into this too much. =)

Have you ever lived in a co-op/collective/community/etc.?*
Feel free to elaborate!

Why did you/do you want to leave your current living situation?

Why are you considering living at Little Flower?*
What are your expectations, preconceptions, imaginings, hopes, dreams for your time here?

A big part of our intentional community's intention revolves around social justice, volunteering, community-building, and the like. Are you (or have you been) involved in any community-building/social justice/volunteer organizations or activities? *
Ya? Like what?

Any allergies we should know about?

I am...

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability and community-building, the foodshare at Little Flower is vegan-friendly. Thoughts?

What, if any, concerns do you have about living here? *

At the LFC we subscribe to the philosophy of "living better through working less." The only way to make that a reality is by working together in order to accomplish our collective goals of building community and living in a sustainable way. Aside from the usual chores, monthly house-meetings, and monthly work party, each member is expected to take on a "collective contribution" or two. How do you envision yourself contributing to the collective and its surrounding community? *
Feel free to list some of your amazing skills here (e.g. world's best hummus-maker, automotive eco-modder, carpenter, stay-at-home-mom extraordinaire, blacksmith, etc.)

How did you hear about us? *

Although we are not a "substance-free" community, we're definitely not down with substance abuse. Non-smokers are generally preferred, but we do sometime make exceptions, so please be honest. Do you...?*

Feel free to elaborate on the above.

What's your favorite thing about Rochester? *
We know, it's so hard to choose just one!

In terms of eco-friendliness, how would you rate yourself?*

Please provide two references from recent living situations*
(if none are available, please explain)

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