Visiting @ LFC

Planning a trip to or through Rochester? Do you see the opportunity for an opportunity for collaborating with Little Flower? Interested in staying at the Little Flower for a while? You’re more than welcome! We’ve had all sorts of guests over the years from all over the world. Usually, though, they’re one of three different kinds of guest. Which kind are you?

1. Bed & Breakfast / Hostel – ROCBnB & Hostel is the LFC’s cottage industry: we offer dorm-style accommodations, private rooms, and even whole apartments. For more information, check out our Air BnB page or contact us.

2. We also offer help exchange (HelpXer) positions. Check out our notice on and We also have more information about LFC specifically here.

3. And we also have places now and then for couchsurfers. Again, contact us if you’re thinking of catching a wave and surfing on over.

Whether you’re looking for a room, a helpX position, or a couch to crash on, please contact us first (just to be sure we’re not all filled up). And please be sure to include a bit of info about yourself, why you’re interested in visiting the LFC, and how you heard about us.

Happy travels!