We welcome all Help X travelers to come experience a bit of urban life here in our lovely community, which is located in upstate New York (six-hour drive to NYC). The LFC — which has a page at that includes pictures — currently includes four houses all on the same city block.

Even during the winter months, there is always plenty to do!

We coordinate with several groups and people throughout Rochester in order to make our city (and the world!) a better place. Our focus is on community building and sustainability.

Generally, there are anywhere between 10-14 people living here at any given time in addition to those being hosted. We can accommodate up to 3 HelpXers. You will be provided with a bed and will most likely be staying in our “Travelers’ Room”. In some instances, it may be necessary to shift you to a different room or ask that you share a room depending on the number of guests we are hosting at any given time.

In keeping with our sustainable approach to living, the food served here is vegan and prepared using local and organic ingredients whenever possible. Helpers are welcome to purchase anything extra they might find necessary.

The work here is varied and we strive to accommodate and utilize everyone’s interests and skills.

During the warmer months, we grow fruits and vegetables in our garden lot, and have a weekly garden workshop with the neighborhood kids. We’re growing plenty of spinach, lettuce, herbs, peas, green onions, kohlrabi, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, squash, melons, potatoes, garlic, and strawberries (to name a few)! And much, much more!

We have an “artist’s fence” back behind our compost tumblers where families from the neighborhood have recently created a mural. Any artists out there? LFC guests and helpers are always encouraged to leave their mark on the community!

We are always working on various home-improvement projects, including hardwood floor refinishing, drywall repair, tongue-and-groove flooring, linoleum, painting, carpeting, carpentry, etc. We prefer to use recycled and repurposed materials for everything that be build, and have long-term plans establish systems for utilizing grey-water in our houses’ bathrooms and stored rainwater in our gardens.

As stated before, our house is very community-oriented. We host a potluck and at least one other event every month. We help organize and participate in community events. We frequent potlucks elsewhere. We attend the neighborhood association meetings. And so on.

When it comes to HelpXers, we really try to make use of each individual’s skill set. Whether your speciality is computers or carpentry, painting or auto repair, sewing or story telling, gymnastics or gardening, there is a job here for you to enjoy! Even a skill share is a viable option (yoga, language, music, acrobatics, etc).
And while there are, of course also the more mundane things to be done around the house such as sweeping, dish washing, dusting, etc., we understand that Helpxers do not come here to be our maids (although we have had HelpXers who’ve said that these were their favorite sorts of things to do!). We also hope that if you are ever asked to do a task which you are uncomfortable with, that you will let us know right away. It is very important to us that you enjoy your experience here!

We ask that you work approximately 3.5 hours a day (sometimes a bit more, often a bit less) with one day off each week. Helps with preparing/cleaning any meals you participate in is much appreciated, though not expected. You are, of course, welcome and encouraged to join us for 3 meals/day. Generally, the schedule is 9:00-12:30 Monday-Friday and 9:30-1:00 Saturday and Sunday. We usually eat lunch around 1pm and dinner around 7:00pm. Flexibility in scheduling (and in general) is definitely a plus, though.

Basically, we’re doing a lot of neat things and we’d love to have your help! As a HelpXer here, you can expect a fun and relaxed environment with plenty of laughter, socializing, and general good times! =)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

-The LFC