Write For A Worker-Owned City!

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Write For A Worker-Owned City!
The D&C recently quoted Mayor Warren referencing the “innovative efforts” of the the Evergreen Cooperatives in Cleveland, “where a network of worker-owned cooperatives — leveraged by area foundation and business investments, and tied into growing sectors of the local economy — are being developed in six low-income neighborhoods.” And hinted at the possibility of bringing something similar to Rochester.  Read full article here.

I would encourage you to (a) post an online comment to this article supporting the idea above — the number of comments also gives the D&C an idea of which topics are of interest to readers, and (b) to express your support for this idea to our mayor.  I wrote to her via her facebook account earlier this morning (see below) and have already received a positive response.  As a bonus, (c) reach out to your city council member and other elected representatives as well.

As a point of reference, here’s what I sent:

“Dear Mayor Warren,

Some associates and I were just discussing the Evergreen Cooperatives and the potential benefits a similar program would have here in Rochester. Imagine our surprise when we came across the recent D&C article in which you reference the great work they are doing in Cleveland, Ohio when speaking of innovative efforts that could move people in Rochester out of poverty.

I just wanted to thank you for your willingness to think outside the box. My hope is that this co-op model is an idea that you will pursue for our city. I will very much be looking forward to seeing further developments in this arena.

Joe Di Fiore”

If you’d like to contact Mayor Warren (or any other federal, state or local political official), you may want to browse the following online resources to find their contact information:

I especially recommend:

That page will give you a list of nearly all City of Rochester officials and features their phone number.  Click on their name link, and their direct email address pops up too.


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